Biele Group is pioneer in the manufacture of stacking lines for automobile components by incorporating Robots. Over the last few years, the corporate group has supplied hundreds of stackers for specific applications in response to the highest standards of quality required by the automobile manufacturers OEM, TIER 1 and Metal Service Centers.

Biele Group has specialized in the design and manufacture of stackers aimed at the automotive sector. Biele Group stackers respond to the evolution of the sector according to their needs, in terms of types of components processed and production processes, as well as new materials used.

In 2012 Biele Group supplies the first robot stacker specialized in automobile internal components. This stacker processes with the utmost flexibility existing in the market, at the same rate as other stackers specialized in steel components, either internal or structural, both for cold and hot forming. This is done in a fully automatic mode. Furthermore, the robot stacker can process Aluminium components, always tailored to customer requirements.

Multiple options are available on the number of pieces to be stacked on each pallet or the position of these on it.

Moreover, it is possible to stack the pieces coming out from the press at a rate of one or several pieces per stroke, irrespective of whether these come out from the same side of the press or from different sides, depending on die configuration. Pieces may also be re-positioned on the press outfeed conveyors whenever, due to nesting reasons for example, the piece coming out from the press is inclined in relation to the axis of the coil to be processed.

Another significant aspect is the possibility to turnover pieces in-line during the stacking process. Thus, a same piece could be turned over in order to obtain pieces from the left and right sides, with the resulting saving on investments in package turnover devices and reducing the operations to be carried out during those processes preceding stamping.

Also, and if required, it is possible to stack on a same pallet left and right side pieces either coming out through different points on the press or from the same side, depending on die configuration.

Since 2012 Biele Group has supplied a great number of robot stackers all over the world, enabling the management of different references on a single stacker.

In 2016, Biele Group has made a great leap forward in the evolution of robot stackers with the development of a universal motor-driven gripper that enables adding a new value to the robot stacker previously described.

Previously, the robot stacker used to force the utilization of a gripper and a pre-centring set for each type of piece to be stacked. This led to a recurrent cost and the need to have a storage zone for such elements.

The universal gripper implemented on new robot stackers enables adapting to any structural component regardless of the shape and size. Furthermore, this gripper is automatically synchronized with the pre-centring system. Thus, investment in new grippers and storage means for these is no longer required, with the resulting saving on the space required and recurrent costs.

The universal grippers designed by Biele Group, being motor-driven, allow a very rapid and fully automatic change between references, within a time below 3 minutes.

Being universal, a same gripper may be exchanged on any installation. To this end, our team of engineering professionals, which assistance is ensured all over the world, provides training and assistance to our customers.

As an international group committed to development, we are currently present in more than 50 countries. Biele Group, with production plants in Europe and subsidiary companies in USA and China provides assistance for all their installations located in almost all industrialized countries over the world. Thus, the group is in a position to give an efficient and immediate response to customer needs by offering a close and effective service.


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