Differential factors

Biele Group rests on three pillars that define our brand identity:

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Focus on excellence

At Biele Group, we’re focused on excellence, improving, moving forward, learning and growing with each of our projects. The professional competence of our team and the results that speak volumes about us make us confident. Our goal is to approach collaboration by listening and taking initiative, contributing with creative solutions that build alliances to achieve common objectives with our clients.

EFQM ethical governance and excellence model

The companies comprising Biele Group carry out their activities according to an EFQM excellence model. This management model is cross-cutting throughout the entire Biele Group value chain, and it enables us to implement an ethical governance system aimed at strengthening a corporate culture based on the principles of transparency, engagement and integrity.

Committed people

At Biele Group, we firmly believe that people are our greatest assets and our best competitive advantage. This is why we promote policies to create a familiar, safe, healthy, comfortable, egalitarian and innovative environment, where the people comprising Biele Group can reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

We are also committed to young talent, and this is why we create policies to attract talent and we recruit students and recent graduates so we can train them in-house while increasing our knowledge with the latest trends they can bring us.

What sets the people comprising Biele Group apart is that we are committed to the organization’s goals, our colleagues, their personal and professional development, as well as the sustainable development of our environment. Because it’s only by being responsible with our needs and those of our environment that we can also do the same with our clients, suppliers and partners. Working together towards a shared goal, with trust and caring, we’ll grow together, from the beginning to the end.

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Passion for challenges

At Biele Group, we have extensive experience, with successful projects completed all across the globe.

Our engineering expertise enables us to design, develop and set up automated industrial plants from the conceptualization to the commissioning stages of the plant, as well as accompanying our clients throughout the entire life cycle of the installation.

We have a firm commitment to innovation, integrating expert knowledge into our comprehensive solutions, which meet the requirements of our clients with flexibility and customization, making the final solutions unparalleled.


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