Biele offers state of the art technology lines & machinery to be integrated on different production processes.

Hydraulic press lines


Since 1952 we are experts in the design, manufacturing and installation of large industrial presses.

Biele’s press lines are advanced industrial systems designed for efficient manufacturing processes. These lines excel in producing  wood based panels, automotive components, building materials and composites. With our focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Biele’s press lines optimize production throughput while ensuring consistent quality. The lines incorporate cutting-edge technology, intelligent control systems, and user-friendly interfaces for seamless integration and customization. Safety measures and ergonomic designs prioritize operator well-being, making these press lines a reliable choice for high-performance manufacturing processes on different sectors and a safe bet to optimize your productivity.

The integration of the press system with specific loading and unloading equipment and remote data management, ensure full control of the process and hence total optimization of your activity.


We design and manufacture industrial hydraulic
presses for the following products:

Hydraulic Presses for Wood

  • Plywood
  • HPL
  • Solid Wood
  • Lightboard
  • Particle Board
  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Recycling

Hydraulic Presses for Automotive

  • Automotive Interiors
  • Soundproofing & Insulating Panels for Doors & Ceilings
  • Cylinder Head Gaskets
  • Brake Pads & Linings
  • Rubber – Metal Seals
  • Non – Slip Flooring
  • Recycling

Hydraulic Presses for Rubber, Industrial Plastics & Composites

  • Rubber Sheets & Large Rubber Parts
  • EVA foam Products & Microporous Rubber
  • Several Neolite Applications
  • Roller Lining & other metals
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Polyurethane foam pieces
  • Rubber Tiles & other recycled materials
  • Composite Manufacturing through Compression


  • Metal, Iron & Steel Industry
  • Electronics & Safety Industry
  • Printed circuits, Cards & other Lamination Applications
  • Prototypes & Testing of Large Parts
  • Construction of Curved Fibreglass Parts
  • Die – cutting
  • Straightening of Sintered Parts
  • Deep Drawing
  • Joining Teflon Conveyor Belts

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Handling & cutting lines


Biele’s handling solutions are advanced systems designed to optimize material handling and logistics processes in the wood based panels, metal sheets and coils, automotive and building materials industries. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, robotics, and conveyor systems, these solutions ensure smooth and efficient material flow, enhancing productivity and streamlining operations. They offer versatility and adaptability, allowing businesses to handle a wide range of materials and products with ease. Prioritizing safety and ergonomics, Biele’s handling solutions provide a secure working environment with intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls, enabling operators to monitor and manage material handling processes efficiently.

Our cutting solutions are advanced systems designed to deliver precise and efficient cutting processes specially for wood based panels and building materials. Whether it’s metal, plastic, wood, or other materials, these cutting solutions excel in accuracy and versatility. Equipped with state-of-the-art cutting technologies, Biele’s cutting systems provide exceptional cutting performance, ensuring clean edges and minimal waste.

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Biele Stackers are among the most advanced technological solutions available in the market. They always follow the evolution of the technology in the most demanding markets, no matter the characteristics of the material to be processed, the shapes to be handled and the flexibility required on the stacking configuration. Biele stackers work in any environment no matter they are integrated in blanking press, cut to length, laser blanking lines or even when it is necessary to combine metal blanking and forming in same line.  Biele is the right choice when reliability and efficiency is required for a safe return of your investment.

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Robot Automation

Biele’s robot automation solutions are advanced systems designed to enhance productivity and efficiency in various industries. These solutions utilize cutting-edge robotics technology to automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflows, and optimize production processes. With their precision, speed, and versatility, Biele’s robot automation systems can handle a wide range of applications, from material handling and assembly to packaging and quality control. They are equipped with intelligent control systems and advanced sensors that enable seamless integration with existing production lines and ensure precise and accurate execution of tasks. Biele’s robot automation solutions empower businesses to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve higher levels of productivity in today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape.

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Biele Digital provides customized computer vision solutions for enhanced quality control and process optimization. These solutions utilize state-of-the-art cameras, sensors, and algorithms to capture and analyze visual data in real-time. With their high precision and accuracy, Biele’s vision systems enable businesses to detect defects, perform measurements, and ensure product integrity with utmost reliability. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into production lines, providing valuable insights and enabling proactive decision-making. Biele’s vision solutions empower industries to achieve superior quality control, increase efficiency, and drive continuous improvement throughout their manufacturing processes.

Biele Digital Technologies

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Packing lines

Biele Packing Lines integrate robust machinery combined with intelligent automation leading to a complete range of packing style combinations for the proper protection of any material. The most demanding industries, the most delicate materials require superior packing quality to protect metal coils, plates and sheets. Biele Packing Lines can check the quality of the material so to be sure that the packed product responds to the requirements of the highest quality standards.

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