Biele Digital

We bring intelligence to production plants

Biele Digital develops customized solutions that optimize production processes through manufacturing management software, advanced data analysis tools and computer vision systems.

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Smart solutions for process
Independent and

Operation Advisor

A modular software that aims to provide the necessary tools to ensure the smooth operation of the production plant in all its faces.

Live monitoring of the overall plant situation.
Agile manufacturing management tools.
Customer management system integration.
Advanced data gathering and analysis.
Maintenance workflow digitalization.
Energy consumption tracking and optimization.

Computer Vision

Computer vision solutions that maximize the operational flexibility of the production plant through quality control systems and smart support for complex handling processes.

Dimensional Control of 2D and 3D parts.

Process Control.

Smart vision support for Robot Handling.

Superficial and edge Quality Control.

Reference projects


VT Industries

Solid Core Door Production Line

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