Biele Group is pioneer in the manufacture of stacking lines for the automotive sector, incorporating Pusher Stackers. Over the last few years, the corporate group has supplied hundreds of stackers for specific applications in response to the highest standards of quality required by the automobile manufacturers OEM, TIER 1 and Metal Service Centers.

Biele Group has specialized in the design and manufacture of stackers aimed at the automotive sector. Biele Group stackers respond to the evolution of the sector according to their needs, in terms of piece types and production processes, as well as new materials used.

In 2016 Biele Group has launched the first Multimode Pusher Stacker specialized in automobile components for Tailor Welded Blanks. This stacker enables fully automatic processing of the blanks that shall be subsequently used in the Laser Welding process.


This type of pieces, usually aimed at structural automobile components, may come out from the press at a rate of 1, 2 or even 4 pieces per stroke, either in-line or in parallel.  In order to manage these multiple, possible piece configurations, the conveyors between the press and the stacking zone, as well as the stacker belts, must run in start-stop mode.

Piece management in the stacking zone allows full flexibility in terms of possible piece combinations on the pallets, enabling to stack up to 32 pieces on the same pallet with different row – column combinations.  Left and right side pieces may be automatically stacked on the same pallet or on different pallets with full flexibility. The use of pallets is thus optimized, minimizing also pallet changes during the subsequent laser welding production process.



If required by the customer, the new stacking line developed by Biele allows the management of automobile external components, an additional demand satisfied through a pusher system that controls the piece softly and ensures surface quality. Moreover, the pusher system not having been provided with centring stops, prevents potential damages on piece edges.

Furthermore, this new technological development is compatible with the utilization of standard dies habitually used in Metal Service Centers or OEM manufacturers, where piece positioning on the belts is not controlled so accurately. In this case, the belts of the conveyor that joins the press with the stacker run in a non-stop mode. Also, by using independent motors on these and other systems, pieces may be conveniently re-positioned so that once centered it is possible to proceed in start-stop mode, already on the stacker belts.

Since 2008 Biele Group has supplied a great number of pusher stackers all over the world, enabling the management of different references on a single stacker.

In 2016, Biele Group has made a great leap forward in the evolution of pusher stackers with the development of a stacker compatible with dies specialised on welding laser components as well as traditional dies.

As an international group committed to development, we are currently present in more than 50 countries. Biele Group, with production plants in Europe and subsidiary companies in USA and China provides assistance for all their installations located in almost all industrialized countries over the world. Thus, the group is in a position to   give an efficient and immediate response to customer needs by offering a close and effective service.