Turnkey solutions for efficient manufacturing of lightboard panels


We provide highly automated solutions for low-density boards and sandwich panels production. Our engineering strength allows us to develop and manufacture unique customized projects to help customers achieve higher productivity, no matter the materials involved in the process: frames, smooth or moulded coating, glue, or honeycomb fillers.

The panel construction is designed to be fully automated for non-stop stiles placing, honeycomb drying, feeding, cutting and insertion. Regarding presses, we develop high performance presses with integrated accurate temperature and advanced pressure control systems for lightboard panel production.

Process Applications

  • Frame assembly lines
  • Board on stiles lay-up lines
  • Insulating sandwich panel lines
  • Press lines
  • Board on frame lay-up lines
  • Unframed honey comb lay-up lines
  • Particle light panel lines (plp)
  • Packaging lines

Reference projects


Bürstadt Furniture

BOS Lightboard Panel Production Plant

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