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Magnetic Stackers

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The Client

Gonvvama is a joint venture created in 2015 between GONVARRI and VAMA (ArcelorMittal & Valin). It combines the expertise, network, and know-how of both companies to provide the Chinese automotive market, top of the art structural and exposed parts, both in steel and aluminium processing blanks with the best tailored welding technologies.

The Challenge

As a new creation company, Gonvvama was immersed in an ambitious plan to build four new production facilities in a two-year period (2015-2017).

As a part of that plan, they were looking for a supplier that could develop customized magnetic stackers that would provide the maximum flexibility for those new four production plants.

Therefore, the main challenge lied both in the development of such a new magnetic stacking technology and in the supply of 4 units of this new stacker model practically at the same time.

The Project

Unlike traditional magnetic stackers, this new magnetic stackers are able to work without centering the blanks previously. Therefore, these blanks can be used for laser welding as the edges are not in contact with stoppers or centering elements. This fact provides high flexibility to produce and stack different shaped/geometry pieces.

In addition, this new-developed magnetic stacking technology allows multimode stacking, so that it can be connected to the press with two different working alternatives regarding the runout conveyor: both in traditional Continuous Mode using stoppers and in Start-Stop Mode without stoppers.

What makes the multimode stacker with pushers so flexible even when working without stoppers is the possibility to maintain the stacking position as a replica of how the blanks are in the die and in the same position of how the blanks get out from press.

The Results

After the successful installation of 4 magnetic stackers with pushers, Gonvvama achieved in 2021 a production milestone of 2 million door rings produced, and more than 140 million of blanks stacked. 


This magnetic stacker technology enables using the blanks also for laser welding, as the edges are not in contact with stoppers or centering elements. Moreover, it can stack both exposed and structural blanks thanks to the multimode technology that allows working in Continuous and Start-Stop modes.

Multiple Stacking

The stacker is able to process different blanks being cut at the same time and enables multiple stacking combinations depending on the selected recipe: Left & Right blanks in the same pallet or Left blanks in one pallet and Right blanks on another pallet, up to 32 stacks per pallet following a 8×4 stacking matrix.

High Stacking

Thanks to the fact that these stackers do not use stoppers, they provide a high flexibility to produce and stack different shaped/geometry pieces. Moreover, this state-of-the-art stacker allowed high accuracy since the blanks are stacked with a precision of ± 2 mm.

The Experience

From Gonvama’s side, Ivan Zeng, Deputy COO, points out that, “Biele took use of the advanced customization technology and solutions to help us achieve more flexibility, better accuracy and stability in our product stacking”.

In Ivan’s words, “Biele provided a high degree of professionalism and smooth communication with our plant team, so that our four plants projects implementation was done successfully. Regarding Biele’s local team, Ivan says “I would like to take this chance to thank Biele China team for their quick response and support during follow-up maintenance and technical supports to assist us in a continuous and efficient production”.

Biele China team members

This recognizition from Ivan and Gonvvama team, highlights the closeness with which Biele develops and implements projects in Asia, and that is thanks to our subsidiary company, Biele China, and the team it is formed by.

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We have collected customer’s interviews, the story behind the project and more detailed technical information about the project in the following brochure.

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