Biele Group in figures

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Headquarters in Azpeitia, Spain

5 facilities in Europe, USA and China

+170 years of industrial experience

+90€ million sales value annually

+800 projects installed in +50 countries

+350 employees worldwide

Companies and Locations


Headquarters & main workshop for turnkey projects development, manufacturing and testing.

Biele Azpeitia


Dedicated press shop for hydraulic press development, manufacturing and testing.

Biele Digital

Dedicated team and offices for smart vision solutions and production management software.

Biele USA

Service hub for technical assistance in North & South American markets.

Biele China

Service hub for technical assistance in Asian markets

Our History

Our People

Biele Group is a family-owned company, and it keeps the same values from its foundation: a familiar and close working spirit and internal long-lasting careers encouragement.

Meet our people

We are committed to talent

Experience is important in our business, but so is talent. That’s why develop talent attracting strategies to hire students and freshman to train them in-house and to keep our expertise growing with the latest trends.

Access to career area


Biele has ISO certifications ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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