Bürstadt Furniture Reference Project

BOS Lightboard Panel Production Plant

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The Client

Founded in 1962 in Bürstadt, Hessen, Germany, Bürstadt Furniture is one of the biggest ready to assemble furniture manufacturers in Germany, and is specialized in the production of wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

The Challenge

The project was divided into two phases and it lasted from 2016 when the first BOS line and finishing line were installed, to 2020 when another BOS line and finishing line were commisioned.

Bürstadt, due to their customers demands, was required to modify the construction of the furniture, replacing its elements, which were traditionally built with particle board, with others in light construction (honeycomb). Therefore, Bürstadt had to manufacture the panels that they previously bought from external suppliers, turning from being just a furniture manufacturer to also a lightboard manufacturer.

The Project

Technologically, both production lines stand out for their panel production speed. The complexity of the production process lies in managing different types of materials that, on the one hand, enter the line in board format (discontinuous materials) such as chipboard and high-density fibreboard (HDF) and, on the other hand, honeycomb entering the line continuously.

The Results

What makes this line unique is the fact that, despite the different nature of the input products, the composition of the board is produced continuously, dominating the entire process at high speed and with great efficiency.

According to Gerald Gassen, Project Manager in Bürstadt Furniture, “the outstanding feature of our BOS line is the capacity to produce boards in a continuous process with automatic insertion of honeycomb in between the stiles. This is very special for this kind of lines.

Thanks to both BOS lines and finishing lines performance, Bürstadt Furniture achieved the objective of being able to produce their own lightboard panels. This milestone helped them to adapt their production to their customer’s needs, and to increase their products range.

Labor Cost

Thanks to the high automation provided, Bürstadt to reduced labour costs significantly, since the BOS lines run with no more than 5 operators and the finishing lines with 2 operators.

Production Capacity

The BOS lines can produce up to 40 linear meters of board per minute, each, resulting into a total capacity of more than 5 million pieces of furniture per year.

BOS Panel Quality

The smart automation implemented on the project allows a production quality of 2,000 boards per shift with a scrap rate below 1% in the first BOS line, and a 20% higher output in the second one.

Flexibility and Size

In order to install the second line BOS line, layout changes were made. Both press lines occupy a surface area of 96 by 55 meters and the two finishing lines 120 by 26 meters.

The Experience

According to Tobias Keller, Technical Manager in Bürstadt Furniture, “Biele, with its customer-oriented mindset, worked on our requirements and came up with technical solutions to satisfy our needs. We always had a good feeling of being in good hands”.

In Gerald’s words, “The most positive thing about Biele is that they are looking for solutions out of the box, and they are not restricted in standard solutions. We appreciated very much the high flexibility of Biele and their working method”.

Tobias Keller and Gerald Gassen, Technical Manager and Project Manager in Bürstadt

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We have collected customer’s interviews, the story behind the project and more detailed technical information about the project in the following brochure.

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