Biele Group Founders awarded with the Korta Business Achievement Award

Biele Group Founders awarded with the Korta Business Achievement Award

• Julián Lazkano and Tomás Letamendia, co-founders of Biele Group, share the prestigious Korta Award for business career achievement 2023

• The recognition coincides with the 50th anniversary of Biele Group, and with the start of expansión of the facilities at its headquarters in Urrestilla, Azpeitia.

The Korta Business Achievement Awards represent a significant milestone in the recognition and celebration of business excellence. These awards have been consolidated over the years as one of the highest recognitions for the work of entrepreneurs and companies that have left an indelible mark on the local business and that have contributed to the economic development of the region and the international projection of their activities.

Julián Lazkano and Tomás Letamendia and the Biele Group project as a whole, is an exceptional example of a vision come true that has transcended business boundaries to become an agent of positive change in its community and the industry as a whole. Its leadership, focus on sustainability and economic development, its global vision and its relentless pursuit of innovation together with an exceptional team of people, make it a perfect choice to serve as a reference for new generations.

Congratulations Julián and Tomás!

Congratulations to all the people of Biele Group!

Julian Lazkano eta Tomas Letamendia