Turnkey solutions for the production of automotive interior elements


We develop and manufacture fully automated press cells and single stand-alone presses for automobile interior parts production. Our handling and pressing know how allows us to provide flexible material loading and composition, automatic transfer and unloading from the press for final stacking, automatic mould changing, and packaging of finished products.


Our automated press cells can manage several types of materials that enter in different formats and orientations (in coils, in layers…).

Our presses can apply several heating systems at different stages with anti-sticking solutions to ensure maximum efficiency on the automated press cell.

We develop all types of molding and cutting presses, both with thermoforming systems or without heating systems. We control the entire pressing process using smart computer vision and ensure maximum energy efficiency of the presses.

The automated handling systems of the press cell include robots, gantries or lines that combine vacuum technologies, needles, grippers, or trays for sandwich formation processes and loading & unloading of presses.

These complete solutions integrate cutting edge presses, inline trimming solutions and inline order preparation systems based on smart palletizing portals that enable working with small batches. Within the press lines, our expertise includes multidaylight presses as well as single presses with register. 

Process Applications

  • Floors and car boot trays
  • Roof linings
  • Flooring and exterior soundproofing materials
  • Parts for seats and seat backs
  • Wheel arches
  • Carpets, flooring and interior soundproofing materials
  • Motor acoustic and thermal insulating materials